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Local Plan issues paper includes Kimpton Road site for Travellers

by Ruth, Marlene, and Steve on 24 March, 2016

Why is a Travellers’ site being proposed?
One issue that the government requires Sutton to consider in the new Local Plan is whether it should make further provision for members of the Gypsy and Travelling community who wish for a permanent home.  Such provision would be for a fixed caravan site; not to accommodate transient travellers who sometimes occupy land illegally and cause huge disturbance to local residents.  It is not clear at this stage whether any new permanent sites are needed.  However, Council officers have identified part of the land at the corner of Kimpton Road and Sutton by-pass as one of two potential additional sites.
How likely is it that it will be built?
To be clear – there is no proposal for such a site at present and there are no funds to bring such a site into use.  But the consultation is about identifying a site for future use should it become needed, as we are required to do by law.  If we do not consider this, then it would be more difficult to refuse a planning application in future for such a site.

Can residents make representations yet ?
The current consultation invites residents’ views, both on whether there is a need for a site, and where it could be located.  The ‘issues and options’ paper sets out criteria for how a planning application for such a use would be decided, including impact on the local environment, character of the area and amenity of local residents. The document asks for residents’ views on the need for the site and on the planning criteria.

Further information on the Local Plan proposals is here.

To respond to the consultation please send your views via the consultation here  or by email to [email protected] or by writing to Sutton Local Plan Consultation, Civic Offices, Sutton, SM1 1EA by 8 APRIL.

Following this round of consultation, a draft local plan will be issued and will itself be subject to further consultation in the autumn. Even if, in the future, the proposal for such a site was made, it would itself go through the planning process where residents and Councillors would be able to make further representations.


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