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Traffic and parking problems near Greenshaw school

by Ruth, Marlene, and Steve on 28 April, 2016

Residents will be aware of the traffic and parking problems caused by the construction activity at Greenshaw school.  Plans are on track for the new extension to be ready by September, and the school will then expand by an additional 60 pupils over each of the next five years.

When the proposal was considered by the Planning Committee, concerns were expressed about the impact of the expansion on parking and traffic in the area.  In response the Planning Committee asked for an updated School Travel Plan describing how car journeys will be reduced, and that a highways assessment should be carried out and any necessary works carried out before the extension is used.

The school holds regular meetings with ward councillors, representatives of local residents and council officers to monitor progress. The school reports good progress with developing a new travel plan. Progress with the highways assessment has been slower than hoped.  There was some consultation in December on some limited measures outside the school to improve safety by reducing parking, but this raised concerns from residents in neighbouring roads likely to be subject to displacement parking.  Councillors asked for an wider approach to be taken.

Over the last few weeks, council officers have been undertaking an assessment of parking and traffic conditions in the area, including Grennell Rd, Rosewood Grove, Aultone Way, Danescourt Crescent and Longford and Chudleigh Gardens. Following on from this they will be ready to present proposals​, which amongst other things will include physical changes to the existing zebra crossing​ (removal of build-outs); introduction of school safety zone signs; rationalisation of the parking outside school​ and in the surrounding area.​  It is likely that initially there will be just one zebra crossing (at the northern end) while safety outside the school, and the need for the second crossing, is monitored.

When the proposals are ready, ward councillors will undertake an informal consultation on the proposals to get residents’ views, so that any necessary modifications can be made before the required statutory consultation takes place.

The aim remains to undertake the works in the summer, before the extension opens in September.

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