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by Sam, Ruth and Chris on 17 June, 2016

Many residents have contacted us with complaints and concerns about safety and access in the local area. We have worked closely with residents to help the Council develop proposals for limited parking controls and other safety measures in the Grennell Road area.

Click on these links for a fuller note of the proposals, and for a map of the proposals.

Inconsiderate parking in the area has led to residents having problems accessing their driveways (and in some roads for emergency vehicles), safety concerns at junctions, congestion, and difficulties for the S4 bus. We are presently consulting with residents in the affected area to get their views about the proposals

The only sustainable solution is to have fewer cars needing to park in our streets.  To achieve this, councillors are working with the school on a Travel Plan, which is aimed at having more staff and students travel to the school by public and other non-car transport.  Otherwise every extra set of double yellow lines simply moves the parking to someone else’s street.  To tackle this wider issue, the Council will be considering a Borough wide parking strategy this autumn to see what can be done on a larger scale.

Increased parking controls are never universally popular.  Having studied these with Council officers we feel that something has to be done to tackle these safety and access problems, and that this package of proposals does this while keeping inconvenience to residents to a minimum.

Ruth, Marlene and Steve

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