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Parking proposals amended in the light of residents’ views

by Sam, Ruth and Chris on 6 July, 2016

You will recall that residents were recently consulted on a range of parking proposals to help alleviate some of the safety and access issues caused by heavy parking near Greenshaw school.  Many thanks to all of you who wrote in with your views.  Some people wanted more restrictions; others wanted fewer.  Throughout this exercise we have tried to keep the new restrictions to a minimum, consistent with the need to improve safety and access, mindful that unless drivers choose not to use their cars, the effect could be simply to move parking to other streets.

As a result of the consultation the following changes are being made to the proposals:

  • remove the proposed double yellow lines at the Aultone Way roundabouts
  • change the proposed double yellow lines outside the Grennell Road maisonettes opposite the school to 9-10am/3-4pm only restrictions
  • extend the proposed 9-10am/3-4pm only restrictions in Grennell Road to cover Nos 15 to 25
  • add double yellow lines around the Hillview/Edinburgh junction
  • change the proposed 9-10am/3-4pm only restrictions to double yellow lines on the northern arm of Longford Gardens (to match that in Chudleigh)
  • remove the proposed double yellow lines outside 28 to 32 Longford Gardens


We will also give support to a 20mph speed restriction, to reduce speed along Grennell Road.

There will now be a statutory consultation, involving notices in the local paper and on lamp posts.  This will run from 25 July to 12 August.  At the same time as the statutory consultation the Council  will deliver an advisory letter telling residents of the changes. The work to install the new measures is scheduled for the second half of August.

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