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Planning application for Medical Centre at 50 Rose Hill

by Ruth, Marlene, and Steve on 10 July, 2016

An outline planning application has been received for a Medical Centre at 50 Rose Hill.  As this is an outline application, there are no details at this stage.  This means that only the principle of development as a medical centre is to be considered.  If this is approved a further ‘detailed’ application will need to be made about the building design, parking and access, etc.

Application No: B2016/74718/OUT

Location: 50 ROSE HILL Sutton SM1 3EU

Proposal: Outline application with all matters reserved for demolition of hotel and erection of a medical centre.

The application can be viewed on the Council web site at:

Any comments need to be received by the planning department by 27 July

The Planning Committee meetings are always held on a Wednesday evening at 7.30pm at the Civic offices. The next meetings are on 17th August and 7th and 28th September.

The plans submitted show a three storey centre taking up a larger area of the site than the current hotel, with consulting and treatment rooms and a dentist on the ground floor, and 18 wards on the first and second floors.

Council officers have advised that the site is to be used as a private medical centre, offering private consultations, aftercare, occupational health and private dental care.

We have concerns about the height and size of the proposed building and the impact it will have on the surrounding area. It seems completely out of character with the neighbouring properties and will have a huge impact on traffic and parking.

As a result, we have de-delegated the application. What that means is that if the planning officers recommend that it should be approved, then it will have to come to the Planning Committee where your councillors and local residents can have their say before the committee makes its decision. If the officers recommend to refuse the application, then there is no need for it to come before the committee.

We will keep you posted and let you know either way.

Information on how to comment on planning applications is here.



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