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Prince Regent Pub De-listed

by Ruth, Marlene, and Steve on 12 December, 2016

We are concerned to hear that the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport has decided to remove the former Cricketers’ Inn (Prince Regent) from the List of Buildings of Special Architectural or Historic Interest.  This is despite the letter sent in by local councillors and a petition from local residents.  Details of these are in our previous post.

Ruth, Marlene and Steve opposite the Prince Regent

Ruth, Marlene and Steve opposite the Prince Regent

The following principal reasons are given:
* Lack of architectural interest: the remaining cottage elevations are restricted to a portion of the first floor and all fenestration is 20th century, and elsewhere the building is of very limited architectural interest;
* Interior: the plan of the cottages has been completely lost on the ground floor, and is largely altered on the first floor as part of a 20th century extension. There is also little evidence of the Edwardian pub plan and no historic fixtures and fittings of special interest remain;
* Alteration and loss of historic fabric: the building has been altered throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. Whilst
some alteration is expected, in this case it has removed a high proportion of the historic fabric;
* Lack of historical interest; the building is not associated with any historical figure, or event of national significance.

They add that ‘Regrettably, the building has been substantially altered over successive years. While its original scale and proportion can be discerned, it no longer displays the architectural and historic interest to remain listed in a national context.’

The full report is here.  This opens the way for the pub to be demolished and the site redeveloped.






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  1. mrs sheila harris says:

    I am appalled that the Prince Regent pub has been de listed. This act is criminal. This historic should be restored to its former glory. Sutton has become bland and all the home building work is too much. The newspapers should be working with the people of Sutton to save this piece of history.

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