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New planning application for former allotment site in Sutton Garden Suburb

by Ruth, Marlene, and Steve on 22 January, 2017

A new planning application has been received for housing, together with allotments and open space, in the area between Green Hill, Woodend and Aultone Way: the former allotments site

The planning application is No: B2017/76180/FUL

Proposal: Erection of two 5 – bedroomed, four 4 – bedroomed and two 3 – bedroomed two storey houses with roof accommodation together with 18 car parking spaces, vehicular access from Woodend and associated landscaping. Provision of open space and allotment plots.

Applicant: Sutton Gardens LLP

It can be seen on the Council’s planning register at:

This area of land is part of Sutton Garden Suburb.

There has been a history of planning applications for this site, which have been refused.  The most recent, by the same applicant, was early last year.  This application differs from the earlier one in a number of respects, mainly that:

  • There are fewer houses (8 instead of 9), and fewer larger ones (2 five bed, 4 three bed and 2 three bed, instead of 4 five bed and 5 four bed
  • Whereas before all houses were detached there are now two pairs of 3/4 bed houses near the Woodend entrance
  • The planned allotments are now in the centre of the site rather than at the edge
  • It claims to protect more trees

However the design of the individual detached houses is as before, each with a bedroom in the roof, as have the 4 bed semi-detached houses.

The site is within a Conservation Area and is designated y

by the Council as an Urban Green Space.  As such, development for housing would not be permitted unless the developer demonstrated it provided sufficient benefit for the community to outweigh these planning policies.

Last year’s application was recommended for refusal by planning officers on the grounds of:

  • it failing to respect the character and appearance of the Conservation Area;
  • design of the properties;
  • inadequate mitigation for the loss of urban green space;
  • potential adverse impact on protected trees; and
  • adverse impact on the biodiversity of the site without adequate mitigation.

Your ward councillors have de-delegated the application, which means that it will have to be decided by the Planning Committee rather than by officers.  We will delegate this decision back to officers if they indicate that they would recommend the application is rejected. 

The next meetings of the Planning Committee are on 22 Feb, 15 and 29 March.  Any comments need to be received by the planning department by 10 February.

Guidance on how to comment on a planning application is here.

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