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Pedestrian crossing at Angel Hill update

by Ruth, Marlene, and Steve on 25 February, 2017

You will recall that we have been consulting about a proposal to improve safety for pedestrians crossing Angel Hill at the junction with All Saints and Vermont Roads.  The results are shown below:

We Asked

In December 2016 the Council carried out a Consultation on a proposal to introduce a signalised crossing at the Angel Hill junction and making the crossing Shared-Use so that cyclists could also use it (and the footways around the crossing).

You Said

There were 17 responses in total to the consultation.

12 people (60%) agreed and the majority of the 12 people strongly agreed with the proposal to introduce a “staggered” Pedestrian Crossing at the Angel Hill junction location.

There was an approximately 50/50 split in terms of those in favour and those against making the crossing Shared-Use.

In addition there was significant support from All Saints (Benhilton) Primary School where the parents have reported difficulty crossing the road.

We Did

The Council in conjunction with us has made the decision to progress the scheme to implement a Pedestrian Crossing at this location, but has decided to not progress the Shared Use option at this stage. Where the Crossing design would not have significantly changed between the proposals, it allows this concept to be re-considered in the future should residents views change.

The work is likely to take place in late May/ June and to be combined with resurfacing of the roadway, which may take 5 to 6 weeks.


3 Responses

  1. Jo says:


    Please could you give an update on this.
    Is it still going ahead? There are many young children/families who struggle with the crossing and trying to see the lights changing. We are all hoping this is going to still be going ahead very soon.
    Many Thanks.

    • Ruth, Marlene, and Steve says:

      I have asked for an update on the timing of this. As far as we know all the approvals have been given. We will update the post when we have further news. Its good to have your support for this much needed safety measure.

  2. Graham Hodson says:

    This seems to have gone off the radar. A pedestrian crossing is urgently needed on Angel Hill traffic lights especially as there is more traffic coming through there due to the recent road closures nearby. The original consultation was over 3 years ago!

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