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Road safety in Collingwood Road

by Ruth, Marlene, and Steve on 10 August, 2017

Parents who walk with their children along Collingwood Road have approached us about the dangers of speeding and heavy traffic.  We know that these concerns are shared by many of you.

We have listened to the specific points that have been made, and discussed them with the Council’s traffic engineer, with the local bus company and engaged the police.

There are a number of issues along the road, some can be dealt with quite quickly, for others we will have to bid for funding against other schemes.  There are three main problems:

  1. Traffic speeding dangerously
  2. Heavy lorries in excess of the weight restriction
  3. Buses speeding in the middle of the night as they return to Sutton Bus garage

Residents have expressed concern about the impact of heavy traffic on the fabric of their houses.   They reported that the traffic causes vibrations and they showed us photographs of cracks in the walls.

The situation is made worse by confusing road signs, inadequate crossing facilities and poor sight lines at junctions.  We have walked the road looking at specific problems and discussed them with the Council’s traffic engineer and would welcome your feedback on whether we have identified the problems correctly and whether the solutions being developed would be supported.

See our local Focus here and here for more details.

So there is a lot that could be done, but we want to be sure that residents in the Collingwood Road area agree that this is a priority and broadly support the measures we are suggesting should be taken.

So please let us have your views on:

  1. Do you agree that road safety is a problem in Collingwood Road and should be a priority for action?
  2. Do you agree that we have identified the main concerns as heavy lorries, speeding buses and dangerous speeding?
  3. Do you broadly support the proposals we have outlined and do you have any further thoughts?
  4. Would you welcome a residents meeting to discuss this, possibly at Westbourne School in September?
  5. Do you have any other comments?

Before any major changes are made there would be a formal Council consultation.


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