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Consultation on changes to residents’ parking permits

by Ruth, Marlene, and Steve on 20 September, 2017

A consultation on proposed changes to residents permits in the existing Controlled Parking Zones has just finished.  Residents raised concerns raised about the changes to the bands (to a graduated scheme based on vehicle emissions), and also on the proposed cap of only three permits per household.  Steve Penneck responded that the graduated emissions proposal was in line with the Council’s policy of using all means to reduce carbon emissions.  He pointed out that reducing air pollution for London was a top priority for the London Mayor, and that Worcester Park, for example, was an air pollution hot spot.  Buses, taxis, the police etc are all moving to hybrid/ electric vehicles and we need to play our part in discouraging high emissions cars.  On the four car limit, Steve said he recognised the problems for households with four wage earners who all needed their cars to get to work; and that councillors would be looking carefully at the consultation responses before deciding on the best way forward.

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