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Lets tackle flytipping

by Ruth, Marlene, and Steve on 22 September, 2017

We are all keen to keep our community free from flytipping – its  unsightly and anti-social.  It is also illegal.

If you have rubbish to be disposed of which you cannot put in your bins, please take it to the Kimpton Road Re-use and Recycle Centre, Kimpton Park Way (off Sutton By Pass).  There is no charge for this service (unlike in some other Boroughs).

Alternatively, the Council will arrange to collect bulky items, for a charge.  Further details of these services are on the Council web site.  

If you see flytipping in the street, please report it straight away via the ‘Report It’ facility on the Council web site or by phoning 8770 5000.   Our contractor aims to pick it up within 24 hours of being told about it, so please report it as soon as possible.  If it isn’t collected, then please contact one of us.  Also our contractor will look for evidence of who dumped the rubbish.

Help us to keep our street safe and tidy.


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