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New bus stops proposed for S4 in Edinburgh Road

by Sam, Ruth and Chris on 26 January, 2018

The Council is consulting nearby residents on a proposal from Transport for London to introduce two fixed bus stops in Edinburgh Road where bus route S4 currently operates on a hail & ride basis. The proposal has been drawn up as a result of complaints from passengers and bus operators highlighting the difficulty that bus drivers face in finding suitable safe locations to stop to pick up/drop off passengers.  The bus is used a lot by pupils from Greenshaw School and also provides transport to St Helier hospital.   The proposal, with a map showing the detail of the proposal and an opportunity to comment, is here.

The proposal will help to address this problem. Sections of grass verges on the footway will be converted to hardstanding, bus markings will be introduced on the road and parking restrictions extended where necessary.

Consideration has been given to minimising loss of on-street parking, although it will be necessary to give up some parking to accommodate the two bus stops.

Please have a look at the proposal and let the Council have your views.

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