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Stop the Labour Mayor’s plans to concrete over Sutton

by Ruth, Marlene, and Steve on 3 February, 2018

The Sutton Local Plan has been through its examination by the government’s Planning inspectorate and is due to be approved by Council on 26 Feb.  But we are concerned that this good work will be overturned by Labour’s London Mayor.

Sutton’s Lib Dem Council has fought for a good deal for Sutton’ residents:  meeting the need for more local homes while preserving the essential suburban character of the Borough.

It offers:

  • more local housing (427 homes per year) to meet the need for family homes, and no back garden development, and controls on conversions
  • the 427 figure is achievable, it is based on sites already identified
  • 35% of homes will be affordable – we wanted 50% but the government inspector has reduced this to 35%
  • protection for our suburban character by directing development to the town & district centres
  • ensuring supporting infrastructure.
  • tighter limits on takeaways
  • greater protection for pubs
  • continued protection for open space
  • major developments to be zero carbon and future proofed for climate change
  • greater protection for heritage assets
  • tighter parking standards – changed from max to min

Sutton (especially the High St) has suffered from the Conservative Government’s policy of unrestricted conversions from offices to flats.  This has meant no planning control over issues such as access and parking; no financial contribution to much needed schools and roads; no affordable homes; and a complete focus on 1 and 2 bed, rather than the family homes that residents want.

Labour’s Mayor of London has now published his draft London Plan.  His proposals carry greater weight and override Sutton’s Local Plan.  Labour’s London Plan will have a devastating impact on Sutton:

  • more than double the number of homes (939 new homes a year), but the increase is to be in small sites, allowing more conversions
  • and allowing back garden development
  • no family homes – just 1 and 2 bed flats
  • Town centre – is described as a ‘night time economy of regional importance’
  • an urbanisation of Sutton – losing our suburban character and turning it into something resembling Croydon.

Labour’s new London Plan carries greater weight than Sutton’s.  It is currently in draft for consultation.

Read the London plan and send in your objections by 2 March here

Ruth, Marlene and Steve

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