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Heritage of Sutton North listed

by Sam, Ruth and Chris on 17 March, 2018

The recently adopted Sutton Local Plan includes an updated list of Locally Listed Buildings.  You can find it here.

The document guides planning decisions and is covered by policy 30 ​of the Local Plan which specifically says that the Council will encourage the retention, repair and reuse of Locally Listed Buildings and Structures.

Locally Listed Buildings in Sutton North are:

  • Thomas Wall garage (at the bottom of Aultone Way)
  • Milestone outside Rosehill recreation ground
  • ‘Hillview’ 20 Aultone Way – part of Sutton Garden Suburb
  • Nos 1 to 5 The Green
  • The Prince Regent

1 to 5 The Green. Good examples of mid-Victorian architecture which provide an important townscape for Sutton Green

Milestone by Rosehill Park, dating from the mid 18th century when Rose Hill was a turnpike road. A relic of the original London to Brighton route.

In addition All Saints (Benhilton) Church and the war memorial in the churchyard are both nationally listed.

The Local List includes a description of each of these sites which gives a wealth of information ​ about Sutton’s heritage which we hope you will find interesting and engaging.


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