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New bus stop for Edinburgh Road agreed

by Sam, Ruth and Chris on 17 March, 2018

Public consultation on the proposal for a fixed bus stop in Edinburgh Road showed support for the proposal.  There were only nine responses, seven in favour, one against and one unsure.  On that basis the proposal is to go ahead.

Among the comments received were:

‘Thanks for sending round this consultation for Edinburgh Rd.
We think this is a good move, both for the bus drivers and for passengers.’

‘It is essential that there will be no change to the current ‘Hail and Ride’ arrangements in Grennell Road and especially near to the junction of Grennell Road and All Saints Road, since many would find the steep climb to the planned stops in Edinburgh Road much too challenging.’
Response:   Hail & ride will remain in force near at the bottom end of Grennell Rd near All Saints Rd mini roundabout.

‘I am sick and tired of struggling to get in and out of my road.
The morning is the worst, especially with all the school children they never look when they crossing. . . . having bus stops on Edinburgh Road is just going to cause more traffic jams on such a small road.’

‘Will there be a bus shelter built which would mean that I could sit down while waiting for the bus and electronic indication of when the bus is coming?’

Response:  ‘No bus shelter is proposed as part of this scheme, nor
the bus count down information. Count down facility is
not supported by TfL on low use routes.’

‘Excellent proposal both in principle and in detail.’

We do not yet have a date for the installation.  A plan showing the location of the stops is here.









4 Responses

  1. Terri hughes says:

    Good news for the bus stop have you got an installing date yet

    • Ruth, Marlene, and Steve says:

      No, no date yet from TfL. We are chasing for this again, and will keep you posted.
      Latest is that it will be during the school summer holidays.

  2. Terri hughes says:

    Any news on The bus stop in Edinburgh Road is it going to be installed

    • Ruth, Marlene, and Steve says:

      I chased them again only last week. Don’t know what the cause of the delay is, but we could be waiting for TfL.

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