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Greenhill/ Woodend allotment site up for sale

by Ruth, Marlene, and Steve on 22 March, 2018

Sutton Council has resisted various attempts to build new houses on the allotment site and now the owner has told the Council that he intends to put it back on the market.  As residents will know this site was listed as an Asset of Community Value by the Council last year, following a successful application from the Sutton Garden Suburb Residents Association.

As a result the Council has invited any eligible community group to express an interest before 19 April.  Any group that does so will then have six months to put forward a community bid.  During this period the site cannot be sold except to a community group.  The owner is under no obligation to accept any bid.  If no community bid comes forward, or if no such bid is accepted, then after the six month period the site can be sold commercially.

This could be a real opportunity for local residents to provide long term protection for the site and return it at long last to community use.  The Council’s notice of this sale is here.  Further information on Assets of Community Value is here.

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