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Planning application for a dome over outside tennis courts: Rosehill Park West

by Ruth, Marlene, and Steve on 25 May, 2018

Planning application no. DM2018/00360 has been received to erect a domed roof over four outside tennis courts to the north of the tennis centre.  The application can be viewed here on the Council web site.

The proposed dome would be about 9 metres high.  It would cover existing outside tennis courts immediately to the north of the tennis centre buildings.

Any comments on the new application need to be received by the planning department as soon as possible.

At present this planning application will be decided by planning officers according to local planning policies, unless there are substantive objections (more than 10), in which case it will be decided by the Planning Committee.

Advice on how to comments on planning applications is here.

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  1. yvonne carney says:

    We fought against a tennis dome many years ago. What the devil is going on ? Hasn’t Keith Sole & Co expanded enough into our park ?

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