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Travellers update

by Ruth, Marlene, and Steve on 22 July, 2018

The travellers have now left Rosehill Park.  The Council was required by law to get a court order and serve it before they could be legally forced to move.  The gates they used for entry on the main road have been welded shut.  The Council is now clearing the site of the rubbish they left.
The Council acted as quickly as the law allows to deal with this.  Please contact your MP to lobby them for changes to the law so councils can enforce more effectively against illegal incursions.   Councillors will be looking at whether additional security measures in our parks are needed.

4 Responses

  1. Anni says:

    They have now pitched up in sainsburys Park north cheam. This is a small park where local family’s take their children to play on the swings please move them on

  2. Siobhan Leonard says:

    What about Poulter Park (three weeks now) and Fairlands Park (North Cheam – arrived yesterday)?

    • Ruth, Marlene, and Steve says:

      They have also been evicted from Poulter park. Fairlands Park has been reported and will be dealt with.
      We need a proper solution to this problem. All the Council can do is go through the legal processes and then evict them, which takes several days each time.

      • Siobhan Leonard says:

        It took three weeks to get them evicted from Poulter Park with masses of rubbish to clear up.

        Is it likely to be a similar time frame for Fairlands Park given that the welfare checks have already been done when they were in Poulter Park? It is evident that they are the same group.

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