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Request for use of All Weather pitch for Car Boot Sales

by Ruth, Marlene, and Steve on 12 December, 2018

We have received a request from the car boot sale operator on the St Helier open space to move to the All Weather pitch on Rosehill Park from February to April on Wednesdays mornings.  They want to move as the St Helier field cannot be used in the winter. We have concerns about the impact on traffic, parking and the park itself and we want to know your views about this request.

The boot sales currently attract around 75 sellers and up to 75 buyers from a wide area.  See their website here.  The proposal is for the sellers to access the pitch along the footpath to the north of the bowling green; buyers would park on the grass behind the bowling green.

The events would generate income, and the organisers have committed to painting the park railings and to repairing any damage to the park. Building the new school on the All Weather pitch is not expected to start until autumn next year, assuming it gets planning permission which has not yet been applied for.

Although the organisers will be employing marshals to direct traffic, we are concerned at the impact of traffic turning into and out of the park, and also the impact of traffic using the footpath across the path.  Also we are worried about parking.  The organisers expect this to be contained within the grassed areas, but we are concerned that there will be congestion in the car park by the tennis centre, and also more parking in neighbouring roads.

We recognise that painting the railings, which the Council cannot afford to do, would be a useful benefit.  But the impact on parking and traffic could outweigh this. That’s why we need to know what you think. Please let us have your comments by emailing us on [email protected] . We have to make a decision early in the New Year so please reply by Sunday January 6th at the latest.


Ruth, Marlene and Steve


2 Responses

  1. R Wilson says:

    Surely it woul be illegal to drive motor vehicles along what is a designated cycle/footpath number 208 especially as the footpath is in constant use by walkers, dog walkers, cyclist and parents with children.
    The playing field behind the bowling green is in constant use by dog walkers and ball games, it would be turned into a quagmire and therefore rendered unusable,
    The adjacent roads are already used as an overflow to the main car park, this proposal would cause major traffic problems in the area and exacerbate the parking situation.
    For these reasons we would be wholly opposed to this proposal.

  2. yvonne carney says:

    All the detrimental comments you have made about the Car Boot Sale will be temporary. Building the school on the site creates the same problems but permanent ones. How come ?

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