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Update on school at Rosehill

by Ruth, Marlene, and Steve on 11 February, 2019

The government has announced that they have appointed Wates as the contractor to design and build the new school at Rose Hill.  The news from the Greenshaw Learning Trust is here.   The proposals include a small unit for children on the autistic spectrum.

In response to a recent Council question, Cllr Marian James, Chair of the Sutton’s People Committee gave an update on progress.  She said:

‘The proposed construction of the new school at Rosehill, which will be run by the Greenshaw Learning Trust, is a project that is being delivered by the Department for Education and not the Local Authority. However, as the body responsible for sufficient school places, we work closely with the DfE to ensure we are kept up-to-date with developments and to monitor progress. As partial landowner of the proposed site, the Council has completed contracts with the Secretary of State and the tenant of the tennis centre in respect of the transfer of the site. However, the transfer will only take effect if the Department for Education is successful in securing planning permission for the development. The DfE has been running a procurement process to appoint a preferred contractor which was completed (subject to a standstill period) at the end of January. As is the case with centrally delivered free schools, it is the contractor that prepares the planning application for the scheme, as well as actually constructing the building. The DfE is in the process of working up a detailed programme with the preferred contractor and we expect consultation, and eventually a planning submission, to take place in the coming months ahead of an anticipated opening for the new school in September 2021.’

We understand that the contractor has begun to survey the site, so you will see some activity on and around the site over the next few weeks.  The Council will be ensuring that disruption and damage is minimised.

A map showing the site the Council has allocate for the school is here.  It is the site edged in red.

We will let you know as soon as we hear more about the government’s proposals.  We have asked the Greenshaw Learning Trust to carry out full consultation with local residents so that they can have their say about the proposed plans when they are available.

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  1. George Davies says:

    Dam you!! You’re not putting a school in that park. That road is bloody dangerous!!

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