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Parking consultation update

by Ruth, Marlene, and Steve on 27 March, 2019

Thanks for the responses to the consultation on parking.  We have not yet seen the results but we have been knocking on doors and expect there will be some mixed views.   To remind you, the officers’ proposals were:

  • An extension of the town centre CPZ into the rest of Collingwood Road, and into Stayton, Dibdin, Marlborough, Blenheim, Hallmead and Vermont Roads;
  • A separate CPZ in Aultone Way, Woodend and Green Hill
  • Free parking bays with single yellow line restrictions in the roads to the east of Rose Hill
  • Other roads are not affected

The proposals followed on from last year’s consultation and the proposals for CPZs are in areas where residents favoured them.  Parking is an issue of concern for many people, with pressure coming from St Helier hospital, commuter parking and people visiting the town centre.  This will only get worse over the next ten years as further town centre redevelopment takes place.  If it is not tackled now, the opportunity will be missed. 

We will look carefully at the consultation results and ask for changes if it is clear the proposals are not supported.  There will be a further statutory consultation on the final proposals with any scheme implemented in the summer.

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  1. Arthur Long says:

    I am very concerned that any parking restrictions which may be put in place in Aultone Way could have a detrimental impact on the parking in Kendal Gardens. It is clear to me that these parking restrictions do not resolve issues but merely move them to another area. I cannot support these proposals in their present format. At the moment there are no pressing parking issues in our close or in the surrounding area and fail to understand why the council feel there is a need to have them during the hours of 8am to 5.30pm when many people have taken their vehicles to work. We are encouraged by Government to leave our cars at home and use public transport but are now expected to pay for parking whilst not using our cars !

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