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Report back from Sutton Local Committee

by Ruth, Marlene, and Steve on 24 June, 2019

There was a good discussion at a well-attended Local Committee meeting on 6 June.  Taking the chair for the first time, Cllr Ali Mirhashem paid tribute to Cllr Marlene Heron, who was thanked for her service to the committee and presented with some flowers.  Marlene continues as Vice Chair.

Public question time covered a range of issues:

Weight restriction sign for Collingwood Road, on the by pass
  • Concern was expressed over the unclear weight restriction signs at the by-pass entrance to Collingwood Road.  The 7.5T sign is on the by-pass and needs to be also shown at the entrance to the road (where there is a misleading 16.5T sign).  Councillors are pressing for this sign to be moved so it is clear that the limit is 7.5T.
  • Residents were unclear as to the start time of the town centre CPZ.  This is 8am but the signage will be checked to make sure this is clear.
  • Vehicles sometimes turn into Benhilton Gardens not realising it is a no through route.  Councillors will ask for the signage to be made clearer.
  • There was also concern about the empty properties at Helena House, the Prince Regent, and Royal Bank of Scotland.  The first two are privately owned, and the developer of the Prince Regent is currently appealing against Sutton’s refusal to grant planning permission for an apartment block.  See here.  The RBS is owned by the Council, which is planning to let to an arts/ music café.

Town centre conservation area

There was a presentation on the proposals for a new town centre conservation area.  See here for details.  Residents were pleased with the proposals and noted there would be  a street stall in the High St on Saturday 29 June, and Thursday 11 July, at lunchtimes.

Parking update

Officers reported the latest state of play.  The Environment and Neighbourhoods Committee were being asked to revoke the decision on N1 vans, given the concern it had generated.   The proposals for the Permit Parking Area in Aultone Way/ Woodend and Greenhill will be subject to a Traffic Management Order consultation from 4 July for 3 weeks.  Other parking proposals will be consulted on in September.

The detailed parking maps were on display and residents had a chance to inspect them and ask questions of officers and councillors.  There is a further chance to see the plans at Sutton Library on 27 June 2019 from 09:00 to 13:00 and 17:00 to 20:00.

Public realm and neighbourhood grants

Friends of Sutton Green were awarded a grant for their upcoming Community Fayre:  Sunday 7 July from 12 noon to 4pm.

The new street tree in Lymescote Gardens is being ‘fostered’ – ie looked after and watered – by a local resident.  Many thanks for that.

Councillors approved finance for an upgrade to the children’s playground in Rosehill Park.

The next meeting of the Committee is on 12 September.  Why not put the date in your diary and come along?

Ruth Marlene and Steve

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