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Planning application received for new Rosehill School: councillors express concerns

by Ruth, Marlene, and Steve on 3 July, 2019

A planning application No DM2019/00985 for the erection of a four storey secondary school, together with a two storey sports hall, hard playing space, car parking, etc has now been received by the Council.  It can be viewed here.

Comments on the application should be made by 9 August.  The application is likely to be heard by a special meeting of the Planning Committee in September or early October.

As well as plans for the new school, the application includes a number of documents that set out important aspects of how the school will be built and operate.  There is a Summary Guide that lists what each of these documents contains. 

We accept the need for a new school, and that there appears to be no alternative to building it in Rosehill Park.  But it looks like there is little improvement to the plans we saw in April, and on that basis we will be formally objecting to the application.  It seems from the plans that the government is refusing to spend more than the bare minimum to build the new school, and this will impact on the park and neighbouring streets if the plans go ahead.  As your ward councillors we will continue to demand better for our young people and local residents.

Advice on how to comment on planning applications is on this page, and is on the planning pages of the Sutton Council website.

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  1. Cheryl Bignell says:

    Regards the planning for the school on Rosehill Park. 1/ Please check the charter of the area donated to the people of Sutton by Mr Walls regarding the use of this area. This area was donated as a recreational area for sports and recreational activities. Unless the charter has expired on this and the other specified areas donated to the people the council are putting this land to use that is not recreational for the people of Sutton. 2 / There are already two high school buildings within a short walk of this site both of which have expanded from their original footprint. Would it not be a better to place a school in an area of the borough where there is no High school within reasonable walking distance and where children have to be driven or get multiple busses to school preferably using a brown field site rather than con creating over more of the boroughs dwindling green recreational space.

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