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Prince Regent appeal against planning refusal rejected

by Ruth, Marlene, and Steve on 15 July, 2019

The Planning inspector has agreed with Sutton Council and rejected an appeal by Mizen properties for a proposal for a six-storey block of flats.

Ruth, Marlene and Steve opposite the Prince Regent

The planning inspector had identified four key issues:

  • His view was that the large elevation would have an unacceptably negative effect on the street scene, in this prominent position. It is poor design, the entrance would not be safe and welcoming, and would not exclude the possibility of crime and anti-social behaviour.
  • he decided that the car parking provision is in excess what is needed and fails to encourage the use of alternative and more sustainable modes of transport, in this accessible location.

However he felt that the inclusion of three units of affordable accommodation, while well below the Council’s standards, was acceptable as a higher number would make the scheme uneconomic; and he decided that the Council’s concern about the unviability of the planned retail unit on the ground floor were unfounded.

A copy of the Inspector’s letter is here.

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