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Councillors object to school plans

by Ruth, Marlene, and Steve on 11 August, 2019

Ward councillors have submitted objections to the current plans to build a new school in Rosehill Park.

We accept the need for a second new school in the Borough, and accept that there is no alternative site to the All Weather pitch in Rosehill Park, which was secured following wide consultation on the Local Plan, but are very concerned that the current proposal falls a long way short of what is required given the open nature of the site, the congested traffic already experienced in Rose Hill, and the use of Rose Hill by pupils accessing Greenshaw High School.

We understand that given the need for new schools, any refusal has to be clearly justified.  But national and local planning policies require a good quality building with an acceptable impact on road safety, which these plans do not deliver.

In our view the application:

  • fails to take the opportunities for improving the character of the area;
  • does not offer an outstanding or innovative design; and
  • presents an unacceptable impact on highway safety.

Our full letter of objection is here.

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