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Rosehill School turned down

by Ruth, Marlene, and Steve on 12 September, 2019

Sutton’s Planning Committee has refused permission for the new school in Rosehill Park.  The committee agreed that the Conservative government’s proposal for a new school fell far short of what was needed and gave seven reasons why the application was refused.

The officers’ report which was considered at the meeting on 10 Sept at Holy Family Church Hall, sets out the detail here.

The Committee were aware of the pressing need for a new school in Sutton, and that the location on the park, although far from ideal, was the best available option.  However they were concerned with the design of the building, the traffic, road safety and parking impact, the impact during the construction period and air quality.

Speaking at the meeting on behalf of all three ward councillors, Cllr Steve Penneck said: ‘By making the park available in the Local Plan, the Council is providing a range of benefits for the school, recognising that in doing so we forgo other possible community uses for the site.  In return for these benefits we need a development that the community will recognise as an inspirational community asset that will add value to the park.

‘Instead of this we have a design that the applicant describe themselves as a ‘4-storey Superblock’.’

The Committee was concerned that the views of an independent Design Panel had been ignored.  The Design Panel had said: ‘There are still concerns that an over emphasis on constraint, rather than opportunity, are preventing this scheme becoming the quality civic building and inspiring learning environment that the young people of Sutton and future generations deserve.’

Said Steve: ‘the Transport Assessment that accompanied the application has inconsistencies in its numbers, unrealistic assumptions and omissions.  We don’t think it provides a sound basis for considering the traffic aspects of this application and ask that a fuller assessment using more realistic assumptions should be undertaken.  The proposal suggests that the safety concerns would be met by school staff being stationed on the streets outside the school.  The application presents an unacceptable impact on highway safety.’  He was particularly concerned about the congestion of children at the bus stop, the difficulties crossing Rose Hill near the car park entrance, additional traffic on Sutton Common Road and Angel Hill, and parking in residential streets.

Despite these concerns being supported by most members of the Planning Committee all the Conservative councillors voted to approve the application.

Ruth, Marlene and Steve

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    Fantastic news!

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