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Sutton – London Borough of Culture?

by Ruth, Marlene, and Steve on 14 September, 2019

Sutton is bidding to become London Borough of Culture 2023.  Is this realistic?  We think it is.  This is an exciting opportunity. Sutton is a real contender for this prestigious award. It could bring in up to £1.35 million to invest in the cultural offer across the borough, to inspire our children and build a legacy for the future making culture matter more than ever in our borough.

The Council’s bid will focus on The London Cancer Hub. Being built right now, this campus of local and international scientists, researchers and technicians is based in our borough, working to combat different forms of cancer and improve people’s life chances. It is Sutton’s best-kept secret.

We’re already attracting people and businesses from all over the world. There should be a cultural dimension to this: accessible for all.

This is an opportunity for all communities, groups and ages to come together to spotlight the cultural richness and growing diversity within our borough.

A successful bid will need the support of the community. But this should be easy for us. Working together is the natural way we get things done in Sutton.

Sutton is the safest and greenest borough in London with thriving communities and neighbourhoods. These are great foundations, but to succeed we need everyone in Sutton to get involved and back our bid. 

Get Involved

Help us win a £1.35 million investment to spend on an out of this world arts and culture programme by pledging your support for Sutton’s bid to be 2023 London Borough of Culture 

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