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Free grit available next weekend

by Ruth, Marlene, and Steve on 15 November, 2019

Sutton Council is offering residents and businesses in Sutton the opportunity to collect 10kg of free grit per household/business to use on footpaths, pavements or roads in front of their homes or business premises.

You can also collect grit for your elderly friends and neighbours, or residents and businesses who don’t have cars. 

The free grit will be ready bagged and is available from:
Kimpton Park Reuse and Recycling Centre

  • Saturday 23 November, 9am – 5pm
  • Sunday 24 November, 9am – 2pm  

If you are on an assisted collection for your bins, you will be able to request delivery of a 10kg bag of grit by calling the contact centre on 020 8770 5000 before 21 November 2019.

Please note you will need to show proof of residency/business in the London Borough of Sutton for yourself and any other household/business you are collecting grit for. Please bring along relevant council tax, business rates (NNDR) or utility bills for each household or local business. 

For further information on how to use your grit and gritting within the borough, please visit our website.

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