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Planning appeal for Rosehill School received

by Ruth, Marlene, and Steve on 20 November, 2019

An appeal has been received against the refusal to grant planning permission for a new school in Rosehill Park.

The applicant states that there is no change in the application from that turned down by Sutton Council. The appeal will be dealt with by a public inquiry, expected to last six days.

The Planning Inspector web portal is here. You need to log in to this site to find the appeal. The case reference is: APP/P5870/W/19/3241269. The website currently has very little detail on it apart from the expected date for the start of the inquiry, which is 17 March next year. The appeal will be heard locally, in public. If you commented on the original planning application, Sutton Council will be in touch with you about the appeal.

Further details including submissions from the developer are on Sutton Council’s website here.

More general information about planning appeals is on the Planning Inspectorate web site. If you objected to the original application, your objection will be forwarded to the Planning Inspectorate by Sutton Council. If you did not object but would now like the appeal to consider your views you can send them in here, or by writing to the Planning Inspectorate at The Square, Temple Quay, Room 3 O/P, Temple Quay House, 2, Bristol BS1 6PN. The deadline has now been extended to 8 January. There is a helpful video on Planning Inquiries here.

We will update this post further when we know more.

Updated 16 December 2019

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  1. Mrs C Johnson says:

    Planning Case Ref : DM2019/00985

    I would like to make my opposition known, with reference to the above plan to build a 4 storey school,on the site of Rose Hill Park.
    The Park would lose valuable space needed for families from local flats and houses.
    It would cause absolute chaos to the surrounding roads, already clogged with parked cars and vans and ever expanding daily traffic.
    Made more awkward for local residence not able to park near their homes, due to new parking restrictions.
    It would be dangerous for the children to be walking through the park, especially in Winter. Also horrendous for parents trying to pick up their children by car and they would fill the local busses at peak times.
    The money would be better spent making the tennis courts into a sports area or a relaxing area for the older generation.
    Please do not waste any more of the Council money on this ill conceived plan.
    Thank you for reading this, trusting it will be added to the Opposition pile.

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