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Residents’ only parking in Aultone Way area to begin on 20 April

by Ruth, Marlene, and Steve on 6 February, 2020

A traffic management order has been made by Sutton Council to bring the Permit Parking Area for Aultone Way, Woodend and Greenhill into effect.   The Council will be writing to residents in the area over the next two weeks to let them know about this, and how to apply for permits.

The order is known as the ‘Aultone Way area permit parking area’.   It is in operation between 8am and 6.30pm on Monday to Friday. 

Permit holders are able to park anywhere in the area, subject to double yellow lines and other restrictions.  The PPA will be enforced by parking enforcement officers, with anyone without a permit getting a parking ticket – in the first two weeks they are likely to get just a warning notice, as people get used to the new arrangements.

The charges for permits will depend on the CO2 emissions of the vehicle, and are set down in the order.  The prices range from £40 to £150.  Electric vehicles are exempt from a charge, but will need a permit.  Households can have up to three permits, with second and third cars having a surcharge of £25 and £50 respectively. 

Visitors vouchers are available free of charge (for up to 50 hours per year), whether you buy a permit or not.  And additional vouchers are available at £61 for 100 hours.

Carers’ permits are available.  These are transferable between carers, for residents with a recognised need.  There are also child care permits.

New double yellow lines will be introduced around the traffic island in Aultone Way, and around the triangle at the junction of Woodend and Greenhill.

There has been extensive consultation on parking in the area over the last three years.  Residents have been concerned for some time about non-residents’ parking.  Originally a Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) was proposed by Council officers.  Following feedback from consultation with residents this was changed to a Parking Permit Area (PPA).  A CPZ would have required parking bays to be marked out in the road, and would have prevented residents from parking across their driveways.  A PPA avoids these problems.  There will be road signs at the entrance to Aultone Way and Woodend saying ‘resident permit holders parking only past this point.’ 

Feedback from subsequent consultations showed concerns about having the scheme operate on Saturdays, the operation of carers’ permits, and the extent of double yellow lines at the Woodend/ Greenhill junction.  Following discussion between council officers and your councillors, the scheme has been reduced to Monday to Friday, the carers’ permits scheme has been revised, and the double yellow lines reduced.  These change have delayed the scheme’s introduction, but we think will make for a better scheme.

The new scheme will remove non-residents’ parking (apart from visitors) and free up parking spaces for residents in the road.  This will make access to drives easier and improve access for emergency vehicles, refuse and delivery vehicles.  The income from the permits will pay for the costs of enforcing the scheme.   We will keep the scheme under review. 

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  1. Alison Farrier says:

    Absolutely delighted as our road is currently appalling, at last we will be acme to drive up and down easily.

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