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Spring Focus goes on-line

by Sam, Ruth and Chris on 4 April, 2020

The Coronavirus pandemic has meant that not all residents have received our latest Focus newsletter. So here it is on-line.

Tackling the rat run

Cycleway proposal needs traffic calming measures say Councillors

Transport for London are keen to promote a cycleway from Sutton to Morden, encouraging people to use their bikes and encourage healthier living, reduce air pollution, lower our carbon footprint and reduce global warming.

The route proposed is along Benhill Wood Road, Elgin Road, Grennell Road and then through Greenshaw Woods and St Helier. However, a traffic survey shows that there is too much speeding traffic on this route for cyclists to feel safe.  80% of traffic is cut through.

A residents’ survey showed 65% thought there was too much traffic in the area and 87% thought more should be done to encourage walking and cycling to school.

Improvements to the cycle track in Greenshaw Woods are already going ahead, along with plans for a raised table at the junction of Rosehill Park West and Grennell Road.

The Council will be consulting to find out what kind of proposals residents would support. The scheme could include a 20mph limit for the area to tackle speeding.

Residents in the area will be getting letters about the consultation meetings and the consultation will run to 23 March.

Parking scheme starts in April

Aultone Way, Woodend and Greenhill Permit Parking Area (PPA) goes live on 20th April. It will be in operation Monday to Friday from 8am to 6.30pm so buy your permit to park.

Fines will be issued to motorists parking without a permit.

[UPDATE: Due to Coronavirus this parking scheme, together with others across the Borough has now been put on hold]

There have been limited changes to the Collingwood Road road safety scheme to slow down traffic and make crossing the road both safer and easier. Your councillors are insisting on another independent safety audit to establish if these changes have worked and if other measures are needed.

Rosehill School latest

Conservative government minister wades in

In an unprecedented move, a Government Minister has decided to make the final decision on the school. Your ward councillors opposed the application on the grounds of inappropriate design, traffic, parking and road safety and the Council’s Planning Committee upheld our concerns.

The Appeal hearing scheduled for 18th March at the Holiday Inn will still go ahead but the Planning Inspector can now only make a recommendation to the Minister. Such interference is unheard of and will delay the final decision by several months.

[UPDATE: Due to Coronavirus, the appeal hearing planned for 18 March was postponed.  No new date yet fixed]

The Conservative councillors voted in favour of this poor quality scheme at the Planning Committee. Now the Conservative Government will be taking the final decision on an application from its own Department for Education.  Keep an eye on our ward website for updates.

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