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Parking restrictions suspended

by Ruth, Marlene, and Steve on 13 April, 2020

The Council has suspended the enforcement of all non-safety related parking restrictions as a consequence of COVID-19.  These changes have been made to:

  • Support local hospitals, the Council, key agencies and their staff to meet any challenges they face regarding staff travelling to work
  • Ensure supermarkets and other businesses selling essential supplies are able to safely and efficiently take deliveries
  • Provide residents with flexibility as they respond to the new circumstances of greater home working.  

Non-essential workers should not be travelling and all residents are asked to prioritise the needs of essential services and behave as thoughtfully as possible.  

There is no news yet as to when the new Aultone Way parking scheme will come into operation.  Introduction of the scheme, due to go live on 20 April, has been delayed by the Council.  Residents in the zone who have already applied and paid for permits may have already received their permit in the post. Please retain this and the Council will be in contact with you in due course. For those who have applied, but not paid or received permits, applications will be put on hold until such time as we are ready to implement the new scheme. No payment will be taken in the meantime.

We all hope these changes will not be for too long.

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