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Planning application in Stayton Road withdrawn after objections from residents

by Ruth, Marlene, and Steve on 10 July, 2020

A planning application No DM2020/00613, for the change of use of 43 -45 Stayton Road from a care home to a block of six flats, including a first floor rear extension and conversion of the loft space has been withdrawn after objections from local residents and ward councillors.

Councillors had de-delegating an application, requiring the decision to be made by the Planning Committee, rather than by the planning officers and had objected to:
1.  the size of the two 3-bedroom flats on the ground floor do not meet the standards of the London Plan. 
2.  the impact of parking on the local area
3.  overlooking of neighbouring propertied, and
4.  the size of the gardens. 

Application number DM2019/02064 for a change of use from a Residential Care Home to a larger House of Multiple Occupation  is still outstanding on this site.

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