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Rosehill School appeal inquiry to start on 9 September – likely to last all week

by Ruth, Marlene, and Steve on 3 August, 2020

Local councillors appalled that the final decision has been referred to the Government and will not be decided locally 

The Inquiry will be held virtually by video link, and is likely to sit until 15 or 16 September.  The papers for the appeal are on Sutton Council’s Planning website.  You need to click on the ‘Appeals’ button and then type ‘Rosehill’ into the search box to find it.  If you need it, the Sutton reference number is 2019/00090. 

Those who wish to speak at the Inquiry, or to listen to the proceedings, will be asked to register with the Inspectorate in advance of the hearing.  The Planning Inspectorate will not be broadcasting the hearing.  Sutton Council will write to those who have so far expressed interest in the case, in mid-August, explaining how to register.  We will update this note with details when we have them.  Those who register will be able to speak at the hearing, or just listen – they will be sent an access link.  If you don’t register for this link, then you will not be able to follow the proceedings. 

If a large number of people wish to speak at the hearing, they will be asked to nominate a spokesperson who shares their concerns.  The Inspector will set out a timetable for the hearing, so witnesses will know on which day they will be asked to speak.  We understand residents are likely to be asked to give evidence on the first day, 9 September.  One of your local councillors Steve Penneck has requested to speak that day on behalf of all three of us. 

The applicant and Sutton Council have agreed with the Inspector that the main issues for the inquiry are: 

  • the effect of the design, massing, height and siting of the development proposed on the character and appearance of the surrounding area and on the visual setting of the adjacent Metropolitan Open Land; 
  • the effect of the design, massing, height and siting of the development proposed on the quality of the working/learning environment for future users/occupiers; and 
  • the effect, both during construction and once the development is operational, of the proposed parking/servicing/access arrangements on the safe and efficient operation of the local and strategic highway network, including pedestrian safety, and on the amenity of the occupiers of neighbouring properties.  

The hearing will look at the evidence topic by topic, in the order set out above.  It will start at 9.30am each day.  

The Inquiry will also look at any benefits to be weighed in the planning balance, including any implications of not proceeding with the scheme.  

It could be some weeks until we hear the result of the Inquiry, and even then the Inspector is only being asked to give a recommendation, not a decision, as is usually the case.  This is because the government has used its powers to reserve the final decision to the Secretary of State.  However the Inspector will sum up at the end of the Inquiry, which may give some indication of her recommendation. 

Please do keep an eye on our website for further details about how to register so that you can follow the proceedings 

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  1. Steven Norwood says:

    It is absolutely disgraceful that a local decision can not be made by the local democratically elected officials.

    The park should be retained as a park

    The building of a 1500 student school in this area adjacent to the two other 1500 student schools is unnecessary

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