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Action needed on Collingwood Road

by Ruth, Marlene, and Steve on 14 September, 2020

Residents continue to raise concerns about the speed of traffic in Collingwood Road, the use of the road by heavy lorries, in defiance of the ban of vehicles over 7.5 tonnes, and the use of the road by buses through the night.  These problems led to road safety concerns – important as parents walk children to Westbourne Primary School; safety issues crossing the road; noise keeping people awake at night;  pollution; and the speed humps caused vibration which may have led to cracks in some people’s houses.

In response to these concerns we pressed for a safety review which led to new road safety measures last year, including width restrictions and give way signs.  Although this has led to improvements around Westbourne school, which are welcomed, the measure have not reduced the general speed of traffic.  Speeding traffic is a matter for the police, and we have held Community Speedwatch events with the police – using mobile cameras to detect speeding traffic.  In just one hour we identified 23 cars exceeding the 20 mph limit.

The position is made worse by a Thames Water broken inspection cover in the middle of the junction with Chaucer Road which makes a noise when traffic goes over it.  It has taken Thames Water nearly three years to fix this.

We have now involved Caroline Pidgeon in this issue.  She is a member of the Greater London Authority and is deputy chair of their Transport Committee.  She has got Transport for London to insist that the bus drivers respect the speed limit, and is looking into the night time bus issue.

We have made it clear to Sutton Council officers that we are looking for the following:

  • a review and update of the 1994 weight restriction order, making it enforceable using cameras,
  • investigating the possibility of a night time ban on buses
  • looking at raised platforms in the road
  • a proper width restriction
  • options for reducing traffic speeds, including an enforcement camera,

Over the next few weeks we will be helping residents who will be conducting a survey to find out what resident think will work.  Do look out for the survey and fill it in.

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  1. Natasha Overfield says:

    I have never recieved an forms re above to put my point across

    So I will do it here.

    The money spent changing the layout to Collingwood Rd was a total waste of time, man power, and money.

    Cars speed throughout the day and even more so at night.

    Full width speed humps should have been put in!
    A couple of speeding cameras would be great.

    Pot holes turning up in less than a year old tarmac, potentially ruining peoples vehicles.

    LGV, HGV, Coaches, Buses etc this road 8s not suitable for these vehicles.

    Collingwood Road is used as a rat run, a short cut, with no respect to residence.

    Night time ban on buses…YES PLEASE!

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