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Prince Regent planning application approved

by Ruth, Marlene, and Steve on 11 October, 2020

Sutton’s Planning Committee has approved the development of a block of 30 flats on the Prince Regent site.  The development will allow a convenience store to be opened on the neighbouring Sovereign Apartments site, which has not been used since those flats were built.  The Prince Regent site will have a café on the ground floor. 

Earlier applications for this site were turned down as they were too tall or poorly designed.  Further details of the planning history are here and here.  The Prince Regent pub, formerly The Cricketers, was a well-established part of the High St, but has been derelict for many years, and had become an eye-sore.  Sadly once it lost its heritage status and was de-listed by Heritage England (in spite of  efforts to maintain the listing), it became impossible to save it.  Early planning applications had gone to appeal, and the Planning Inspector had ruled in favour of a residential development of this site, so there was clearly no prospect of the pub being brought back into use. The only question was getting the best possible design, and minimising the access problems for the retail car park.

There will be no car parking for residents, in line with London planning standards, and residents of the flats will not be eligible for residents’ permits for the CPZ.  This is permissible due to the frequency of buses which stop just outside.

As your ward councillors we submitted a statement supporting the application, subject to assurances on access and parking.

The new apartment block is well designed and will set a high standard for other developments in the area.

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