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New double yellow line restrictions start in November

by Ruth, Marlene, and Steve on 14 October, 2020

Residents will recall the various consultations on parking over the last three years.  One outcome of this was the Aultone Way area residents’ parking scheme which was put in place in August and is working well.  Other schemes, for free parking bays in Rosehill Gardens, and in Longford Gardens, we have asked to be put on hold until after final decisions on the Low Traffic Neighbourhood Scheme, which affects traffic patterns, have been taken early next year. 

The extensive parking consultation included a range of measures to restrict parking around junctions (for safety reasons) and in areas where parked cars cause obstructions and congestion. Because of the obstructions that parked cars cause in many of the areas, cars do not often park there, but when they do, they cause problems.   These proposals featured in our summer 2019 Focus, and on our website here and here.  There were letters to residents, sessions at the Sutton Local Committee and drop in sessions with plans on display at Sutton Library on 27 June and October 2019.  Implementation of the measures was due to take place this spring, but were delayed due to the COVIC pandemic.  Implementation will now begin in November.  This will include the extension of the Town Centre residents’ parking area into the further part of Benhilton Gardens.

Note that there was a concern that given the current lockdown, implementation would be delayed, but Council officers have now confirmed these will be going ahead.

The plans include double yellow lines on all junctions, to improve sight lines, together with parking restrictions on:

  • the west side of Rose Hill;
  • Rosewood Grove, on one side of road;
  • the north side of Edinburgh Rd;
  • around the traffic islands in All Saints Road;
  • Oakhill Rd, on the south side between Woodside Road and Brunswick Road, and around the traffic island near the High St;
  • around the bends of Benhilton Gardens and the entrance to Hunting Gate Mews;
  • The Green – moving the bays at the far side of Sutton Green to the other side of the road, with double yellow lines around them;
  • Bushey Lane – on the eastern side between Vicarage and Rectory Roads;
  • some parts of Collingwood Road and Chaucer Road;
  • the west side of Dibdin Rd, opposite Dibdin Close;
  • the south side of Leafield Road between Clensham Lane and Minster Ave;
  • the west side of Sutton Common Road from Clensham Lane to Highfields;
  • the outside of the bend in Blenheim Road;
  • Sutton Common Road, opposite Aysgarth Court – the existing parking bays are to be put partly on the footpath, with double yellow lines on the other side of the road;

The detailed plan of all the measures is here.

The intention is that these measures, which have been the subject of two consultations, will contribute significantly to road safety around junctions, and will reduce congestion and improve access for emergency vehicles, buses, deliveries, refuse vehicles and residents in our area.

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