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Sutton Local Committee to meet on 12 November at 7pm

by Ruth, Marlene, and Steve on 6 November, 2020

Local Committees are resuming their business virtually, using an internet link.  Local Councillors and community representatives will be able to meet via the internet to discuss important local issues.  The agenda and papers are here.  Residents will be able to view the meeting using this link, which is also on the agenda page.

On the agenda we have some important topics:

Update on COVID Green Recovery and Safer, Active, Greener Street Schemes

Matt Clubb, Assistant Director, Environment and Community Safety will speak on the challenges the Council has faced, and how the Council has responded to COVID.  This will include the Safer School Streets scheme and Low Traffic Neighbourhoods.

Volunteer Centre Member, Anita Mullen will also speak on how volunteers have been working with Council officers during the crisis to support local residents.  On top of this, she will also be discussing the on-going activities of the Sutton Volunteer Centre and how they have worked in tandem with the Council and other stakeholders in the Borough to make sure that residents are best served. 

TfL bus consultation plan

Robert Varney, from Transport for London will discuss the launch of the public consultation as part of a review of the bus network in the London Borough of Sutton.  Details of the main impacts in Sutton North are here.

Area improvements, public realm improvements and neighbourhood grants

Locality Lead Officer, Paul Brockwell, will report on the Public Realm budget, introduce new schemes for consideration by the Committee and remind committee members of new Neighbourhood Grant Schemes agreed through delegated decisions.

Under this item the Committee will consider a proposal for a Community noticeboard for Sutton Green.

After the meeting you will be able to watch the meeting on the council’s YouTube page: Sutton Council Committee Meetings Archive

Any residents who have submitted a question (up to five days ahead) will be invited to join the meeting to ask a supplementary question.

Sutton Local Committee has a tradition of allowing a free flow of debate with residents at its meetings, and we are sorry that, in the current situation, this is not possible to arrange with on-line meetings.

The next meeting of the local committee will take place on 25 February 2021.

Ruth, Marlene and Steve.

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