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Sutton Parks lockdown poetry competition: Winners announced

by Ruth, Marlene, and Steve on 8 February, 2021

During December 2020, a Sutton Parks poetry competition was launched asking residents to tell us how the borough’s parks and open spaces have been important to them over the lockdown period.

Sutton Green

We are delighted to see the winners of the competition. Congratulations to the three winners who are each awarded a prize of a £50 book token:

  • Heather Honour: Winner of the over 18s category with her poem ‘30th December in Beddington Park.’
  • Eleanor McSherry: Winner of the 12-17 age category with her poem ‘Flying.’
  • Corrina Nesbitt Gibbons: Winner of the Under 12s category with her poem ‘Treasured Time in Precious Parks.’

Read all the winning and runner-up poems here.

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