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Report back from Sutton Local Committee on 25 February

by Ruth, Marlene, and Steve on 27 February, 2021

Sutton Local Committee met virtually on 25 February.  As well as local Councillors from the Sutton North, Sutton Central and Sutton West wards, the Committee also includes various representatives from local community groups.  In Sutton North these include:  Chaucer Gardens Residents Association, Friends of Rosehill Parks, Friends of Sutton Green, Greenshaw Residents Engagement Group and Sutton Garden Suburb Residents Association.  If there are any other community groups that would like to be considered for inclusion in the committee, please let us know.

The agenda for the meeting, with links to the papers is here.  All meetings are live streamed and you can watch the meeting by following the link.  The items discussed were:

An update on COVID-19 from Clare Ridsdill-Smith who works in the Public Health team in Sutton Council.  She spoke of the improvements in infection rates in Sutton during the last month, but the need for residents to continue to follow the lockdown restrictions and the guidance: hands, face, space.

Nadine Wyatt, from Sutton NHS, spoke about the role of Sutton Health Champions, who act as a link with local communities. 75% of housebound residents have now been vaccinated. They are looking to open a vaccination centre in central Sutton, which would be easier to access than Nonsuch.

We were encouraged to participate in Sutton’s consultation on the Sustainable Transport Strategy.  This can be found here.  The consultation closes on 25 March.  The strategy focuses upon providing more opportunities for all of us to walk, cycle and use public transport as our preferred options for journeys, within and beyond the borough. A good strategy which has impact will enable us to use it to assess planning applications, and successfully lobby TfL and the government for funding for transport initiatives.  We had a good discussion on the need for improved public transport and move to electric cars. A good point was made that this is not an anti-car strategy but it is pro-choice to encourage us all to consider alternatives where appropriate.

Following the discussion we had at our meeting last February on Climate Change, Council officers reported back on action to date.  We discussed what motivates people to take individual action on Climate Change.  The council is looking for Community Environment Champions to inspire and support others.

We heard about the successful work being done by the Friends of Rosehill Parks to clear Greenshaw Woods of litter; what they are doing to clean up the milestone on Rosehill, and put up an information board; and the project to plant a Community Orchard, with a picnic area.

Also the Friends of Sutton Green told us about the planting they are doing in Victoria Gardens, and the plans for the Community Fayre on the Green on Sunday 18 July.

Do support the Friends of the parks activities, and let them know if you want get involved: [email protected] and [email protected]

The Committee approved funding for the Community Orchard in Rosehill Park, and noted that since the last meeting, replacement street trees had been planted in Collingwood Road, Sutton Common Road, and Aultone Way, and a new noticeboard had been erected on Sutton Green.

The next meeting will be on 27 May 2021.

Ruth, Marlene and Steve

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