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Collingwood Road update

by Ruth, Marlene, and Steve on 3 May, 2021

The long awaited resurfacing of Collingwood Road will take place from Monday 17 May for three nights. The work will be carried out at night between 8pm and 5am (subject to weather conditions).

Residents are asked not to park in the area being worked on, which will be signed in advance, to enable the work to be carried out. If residents need any further information on this please contact Sanjeevan Ponnampalam
[email protected] or phone Dave Bailey, FM Conway Contracts Manager – on 01732 600 700.

The police were in the road on 26 April with their Roadwatch camera. They monitored from 8:45am to 9:15am and in this time noted down 14 speeders with the highest speed of 31mph. They will get warning letters, unless they are persistent transgressors, who will get penalty notices. The police accept that there is a speeding issues in the road and will be organising further speed checks. With lockdown soon to end they will be able to involve residents with these events.

We are aware that some of the heavy vehicles using the road are from the Kimpton Trading estate. Sutton Council are working with the management of the estate who are taking up the issue with Kimpton businesses at a senior level. Also the police are now much more actively involved. A feasibility study will take place this year to enable the installation of cameras in the road to enable unlawful HGVs to get penalty notices.

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