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Funfair on Rosehill Park

by Sam, Ruth and Chris on 4 June, 2021

There will be a fair in Rosehill Park for the next two weekends, 5-6 June and 10-13 June.  It will operate from 3pm to 9pm.

Notification has come very late as the fair was originally planned for Beddington Park, but the vehicles had difficulties accessing that park with some of the rides, although the organiser had previously thought this would be possible.  As a result some rides will be in Beddington and some at Rosehill. 

The operator has been instructed to keep the noise to a minimum, but clearly those living close to the park will hear some noise.  There will be no alcohol for sale, and the police are aware of the event.  The rides at Rosehill be fenced as in the past, with access control.

They will ensure the site is left clean and tidy and any damage to the grass will be repaired.

For the future, changes to the access to Beddington Park will be made to ensure the problem there does not recur.


2 Responses

  1. ellie jai says:

    is it free entry to get into the fair in rose hill on the 5th of june

  2. Usha says:

    What are the rides at rosehill and at beddington park?

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