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Resurfacing of Collingwood Road to begin on Monday 23 August

by Ruth, Marlene, and Steve on 20 August, 2021

The long-awaited resurfacing of part of Collingwood Road will begin next week, and residents are asked not to park in the road while the work is going on.

The work is being done in two stages, and it is the first stretch, between Alexandra Ave and the by-pass which is being done next week.  The work will be done at night, between 8pm and 5am, and during that time the road will be completely closed, although contractors will allow residents access where possible.  Also, during that time, parking will not be permitted in the area being resurfaced, and any vehicles will be lifted and moved to outside the area.

During the daytime the road will be open to traffic in both directions.

Residents affected will have received a letter about these plans, and the buses and emergency services have been told.  The other half of Collingwood Road will be resurfaced later this year.

Meanwhile, Steve has been out this week with the police Community Speedwatch team checking speeding traffic in the road.  Although this was done when there were traffic light controls in place around some roadworks, within half an hour he noted 20 vehicles exceeding the speed limit, some over 30 mph, and one at 40 mph.  The police will write to all those involved and take follow-up action.

We have done the Speedwatch many times on the road, but not for the last 18 months, due to COVID.  We are pressing for these sessions to be held more regularly now, as it is clear the police presence does have an impact – even if it is only for a short period.

Ruth, Marlene, and Steve

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