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Solving parking problems in small Rosehill Park car park

by Sam, Ruth and Chris on 6 October, 2021

Ward councillors have been working with the Parks department and the bowls club to ease the parking problems in the small car park by the bowling green.

The Council does not charge for car parking in our parks, but one of the jobs of the new parks enforcement team is to issue fines for inappropriate parking so it’s easier for everyone to enjoy our parks.  This includes cars that are not parked in bays or are blocking access.

One of the problems with the small car park is that there are not many bays marked out and people have parked wherever there are available spaces.  As a result fines have been issued.  This has been a particular problem when the bowls club have had matches on.  The Council recognises the problem and parking enforcement has been suspended for the time being while a solution was being worked through.

As a result of the discussions more parking bays are to be introduced and the signs updated so they are clearer.  It is planned to introduce these changes before next year’s bowling season starts.

This small car park may be used by non-park users, and usually this is not a problem.  With the new parking bays there should be enough space for everyone.  However action will be taken if cars are found to be untaxed or without MOTs, are abandoned, or if car repairs are undertaken in the park.  

Ruth, Marlene and Steve

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