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HGV enforcement and road resurfacing in Collingwood Road

by Sam, Ruth and Chris on 20 March, 2022

Following pressure from your ward councillors, and residents, the Council has now agreed to introduce a two camera Heavy Goods Vehicle enforcement scheme in Collingwood Road.  There will be cameras at the by-pass end of the road, and by the junction with Bushey Road.  These cameras will record the licence details of all heavy goods vehicles entering/ leaving this part of Collingwood Road over the 7.5 tonne limit, and issue penalty notices as necessary.  There will need to be exceptions for access, refuse vehicles and buses.  Details of the enforcement scheme are being finalised. The road will remain open to cars, vans, buses and local deliveries and no-one driving a vehicle under the 7.5 tonne limit will be fined.

The scheme will need a new Traffic Management Order, and there will be consultation on this.  This cannot take place until late May/ June, as the Council is not allowed to undertake consultations in the run up to the local elections in early May.  The plan is for the new scheme to be operational by October.

The resurfacing of the second half of Collingwood Road (between Alexandra Avenue and Bushey Road) is now scheduled to take place in the second half of April.  This work had been delayed, partly because of winter weather, but also to give Thames Water time to complete their work to repair drainage in the road.  The work will include carriageway resurfacing, followed by adjustment of manhole covers and gullies, and the repainting of road marking lines.

The exact timing of the work will be subject to the weather.  Street parking will need to be suspended, and there will be letters from the Council with details nearer the time to give advance warning.

Ruth, Marlene and Steve

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