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Improvements to Chaucer Road/ Collingwood Road junction

by Sam, Ruth and Chris on 20 March, 2022

One of the road safety issues in Collingwood Road that we know residents are concerned about is the junction with Chaucer Road.  Traffic leaving Chaucer Road has difficulty seeing the approaching traffic and often edges out.  There have been several minor accidents and near misses, and many residents have told us that the junction needs improvement.

Council officers are proposing a remodelling of the junction which will involve:

  • moving the existing Give Way markings in Chaucer Road forward;
  • applying new hatch markings on either side of Chaucer Road to improve sight lines – these  would be in line with existing parking bays in Collingwood Road;
  • removing the existing parking bay outside 169/171 to 177/179 Collingwood Road and replacing it with single yellow line.  This would avoid collision between drivers pulling out of Chaucer Road and traffic on Collingwood Road travelling towards the by pass.

The scheme will improve traffic manoeuvring and road safety at the junction. The plan here illustrates preliminary design of the scheme.

Please do respond to the consultation through the Council’s website by 23 March.  The link is

If you think it would be helpful to have an on-line meeting to discuss the Council’s proposal please say so in the ‘comments’ box on the consultation on the website.

It is important that in coming to a decision on this we understand what local residents think.

Ruth, Marlene and Steve

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