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by Sam, Ruth and Chris on 15 April, 2022

In our manifesto, we outline how the Liberal Democrats will continue to be ambitious for our borough.

We are fighting for quality local services, a fair economic recovery with more local jobs, and keeping our borough a great place to live.

We are making commitments that will mean more support and more activities for young people, better services for the elderly and vulnerable, quality and affordable housing for families and action on protecting our environment.

And we show how we have delivered on every single one of our manifesto promises from 2018.

Read our plan below and the full manifesto here.

1. Deliver a strong economic recovery

The Lib Dems are taking real action to help create jobs – as we recover from the impact from the Covid pandemic. We are leading the transformation of Sutton High Street into a new community and cultural hub fit for the 21st century. We are backing local businesses and helping local people into good jobs.

2. Fight for quality local services

Lib Dem campaigners in Sutton are standing up to the Conservatives and demanding better services. We are opposing Government cuts to St Helier Hospital. We want more police on our streets to tackle crime and are pressing for improved bus, tram and rail services.

3. Keep Sutton a great place to live
Liberal Democrat councillors are working with residents to improve local communities. This includes protecting and improving our local environment and heritage, taking action to keep our borough clean and tidy, and making walking and cycling safer and easier.

4. Take action on climate change
The Lib Dems are leading the fight on climate change. We will help residents live in a sustainable community – taking action on air quality and delivering more electric vehicle charging points. We’re delivering solar panels on council-owned buildings and ensuring the restoration of Beddington Farmlands.

5. Deliver quality, affordable housing
The Lib Dems in Sutton Borough have been delivering new, affordable homes so local people are not priced out. We will build on this record and expand the retro-fit scheme to make homes energy-efficient homes and improve the quality of privately rented homes.

6. An inclusive place for everyone

The Liberal Democrats will ensure our borough is a great and welcoming place to live for all our residents. We will create a new modern youth centre facility, provide quality at-home care services for the elderly, tackle domestic abuse and hate crimes and encourage events to celebrate diversity.

Read our manifesto in full here.

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