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Residents Survey 2015

Residents survey results Jan 2016

Dear resident,

Every 2 years Sutton Council commissions an independent survey to local residents. We do the survey to measure satisfaction with the local area and the services the council provides. This helps us spend your money wisely and understand emerging issues within the borough.

91% of residents

I was delighted to see such fantastic results despite the massive and unprecedented Conservative Government cuts to Sutton Council.
However, the survey also pointed out drops in satisfaction levels with our recycling service and with parking in the borough.
I want to see those numbers go back up and that’s why in November 2015 we launched a recycling campaign including a series of recycling roadshows, posters, a booklet drop to all households with information about what people can and cannot place in their bins as well as bin stickers for households with kerbside collections.

The Council is also reviewing its parking policy across the borough. We know that parking is increasingly a problem with more and larger vehicles making it difficult in some cases to even get down the road. We will be consulting on different parking options and asking you for your views on the best way of dealing with the problem in your local area.

Sutton is a great place to live, work and raise a family. We will continue to listen to your views, involve you in our decisions and protect our vital local services.

Together, we can build a better Sutton.

Best wishes,


Cllr Ruth Dombey
Leader of Sutton Council