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Sutton Community Calendar

Ruth, Marlene and Steve have been working with the Council’s community officer to help reduce the sense of isolation in our area.  For more details see the item in the Autumn Focus.

Sutton North ward offers a wide range of opportunities to meet people, socialise or volunteer.  You can try your hand at line dancing, rediscover your love of knitting or simply drop in for a cup of tea and a chat at one of the many coffee or social clubs near you.

Older people need access to information and advice about how to stay healthy, active and safe as well as where local clubs and groups meet so they can socialise, widen their circle of friends and avoid social isolation.

The Sutton North Community Collaborative Group has been set up as a community led initiative aimed at getting people actively involved in their community.  This calendar helps to raise awareness of social opportunities that already exist locally:

Sutton North Community calendar

Many of the groups and activities listed in this calendar are run by local people, volunteers who give their time to organise and host activities.   We acknowledge their hard work and commitment.