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by Sam, Ruth and Chris on 12 December, 2018

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  1. Elizabeth Phillips says:

    I live in Woodside Road which, since the closure of All Saints Road west of Calthorpe Gardens has become a rat run for traffic trying to access Angel Hill Road/Rose Hill from North East Sutton. Seeing as the only way to access these roads is now via Oakhill Road, traffic needing to reach it now use Woodside Road as a through road as it is is the only road linking the two. Since yesterday traffic down this short and narrow street has increased one hundred fold. Traffic coming off Angel Hill Road which needs to access All Saints Road to the east now also turns into Woodside Road from Oakhill Road, which is a much narrower thoroughfare than All Saints Road. Woodside Road is narrow and has parking on both sides of the road, leaving room for only one car to pass. This has led to traffic from both directions weaving in and out and up onto the footpath/driveways to try and get through. I found it almost impossible to exit my driveway this morning as the road was blocked by traffic trying to get through from both directions. Did the people who came up with this idea conduct a cause and effect exercise on the result of the road closures? I think not. The traffic has to go somewhere. It isn’t just going to disappear. Would it not have been better to block access to those smaller streets to prevent them from being used as a rat run instead of blocking access to All Saints Road and Benhill Wood Road altogether. Traffic has simply been moved from the wider thoroughfares to a very narrow and otherwise previously relatively quiet street.

    Moreover, accessing Angel Hill Road from Oakhill Road is difficult at the best of times and now seems impossible as there is a tailback of traffic several hundred yards up the road. There are no traffic lights there either so drivers are going to take greater risks In their frustration, thus increasing the risk of accidents.

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